Coupland Art delivers the complete range of art consulting services from strategy and planning, to procurement and deaccession.



Buying and selling advice, both at auction and privately.
Auction representation, and negotiation of private treaty sales.
Valuations for both fair market and insurance purposes.
Art market research and analysis, to support informed decisions.
Collection management, founding, building, refining and curating collections.
Restoration, framing, hanging and freight advice.


We can help build a collection from the ground up; refine the focus of an existing grouping; formulate a curatorial plan for the long term; advise on and negotiate acquisitions and sales, and; instruct on collection management and insurance

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We provide expert art advice and delivery of large-scale projects for clients in the corporate and public sectors. Our approach ensures high attention to detail and a highly informed, client-centred service for large, complex and time-sensitive projects.

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